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Survivor of Abuse

Survivors of Abuse and EFT Tapping

Any survivor of abuse will tell you the impact of the abuse lives on for many, many years if not a lifetime, unless good quality help is sought. Abuse can be emotional, physical, verbal, or sexual. Some of the disturbing long term effects of abuse are shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, self esteem issues, difficulty trusting others, difficulty expressing one’s feelings, difficulty relating to others, feeling helpless, powerless, & vulnerable, anger, overwhelming sadness, and sexual difficulties. Victims of abuse often suffer dreadful nightmares and debilitating flashbacks. Little wonder the end result can be alcohol and drug abuse, overeating, and eating disorders.

EFT Tapping is an excellent choice for working through the many issues that arise for survivors of abuse.  EFT Tapping is a simple, gentle, and effective tool of choice and for issues of this serious nature are best handled by a skilled practitioner. Skilled EFT practitioners are trained in gentle strategies that minimize distress. The issues surrounding abuse mean there are many aspects to be tapped on. Flashbacks and nightmares should cease and once a number of individual events have been tapped on self esteem should increase and an improved feeling of well being experienced. Once a person is feeling better about themselves then the need to indulge in harmful activities such as drug and alcohol abuse is reduced and the survivor of abuse’s painful memories can be replaced with a joy and happiness.

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